Nurse Ange’s little Ollie and his blood brother Monkee


Nurse Ange’s little kitty Ollie has had quite the adventure filled life since he was rescued as a kitten. Ollie was 1 of three kittens found abandoned in a dilapidated greenhouse when they were very young and needed to be bottle fed for a few weeks. As a kitten, Ollie had 3 episodes of unexplained unconsciousness where he was unresponsive for a few hours but after warming him up he would wake up like nothing had happened. Ange remembers when he was really young and it happened for the first time she thought that maybe he had aspirated some milk or something and was sure he was dying. At the last minute she decided to just give him a shot of Antibiotics, warm him up and see how we went, 2 hours later he came too as if nothing had happened!


IMG_0124Ollie recently came into the clinic as he wasn’t feeling himself and looked pale (his nose & gums were white!). Nurse Ange decided to do some testing on his blood to see what was causing his unhappiness. The blood test showed that poor Ollie had a very low reading for his blood cells and was showing signs of severe anaemia, his blood was also taking much too long to clot. This is a really common scenario for cases of ratsack poisoning which Nurse Ange suspected Ollie had ingested. Ollie was started immediately on Vitamin K to combat the effects.

Over the coming days Ollie didn’t respond as quickly as he needed to with Vitamin K and it was decided that he needed a blood transfusion.  Monkee his loving brother at home volunteered to get tested to be a possible donor and bingo he was unbelievably a perfect match. Ollie then underwent a transfusion which saw his blood improving over the day and he headed home that night on I/V fluids and strict cage rest.  Ollie returned to the clinic the next day for further monitoring and as the days passed his blood results returned to normal.

Ollie is so loved at home and very play orientated, we joke he has ADD because he has a very short attention span. Dave, my partner chose to keep him as a kitten (I chose Monkee) and strangely enough Dave had a dream about Ollie having a near death experience just prior to Ollie getting sick. It’s funny how much they become apart of your world.  Life has now thankfully returned to normal, after this ratsack episode Ollie has used up 4 of his 9 lives so Ange is keep a very close eye on his adventures.


Ollie resized