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Lovely to receive a follow up call to see how Missy was going the next day. Felt comfortable that they had covered all bases with her recovery and informed me how to manage her in the few days after. When she bounced back so quickly I was very happy.

Chelsea Akehurst

Judy is fantastic! Friendly, considerate and absolutely knows her stuff. We wouldn't trust any other vet with our animals.

Loretta Willis

You know it's a great place when your dog is happy to return!

Mindy Nagra

I have been going to you guys for the last 25 years and have been extremely happy with your services Thank you so much

Veronika Kennedy

Thank you to both nursing and veterinary staff for taking the time to speak to us and discuss options and possibilities. We appreciate you making yourselves available and for genuinely caring.

Kate Scotchford

We have been very happy clients of BVS for more than 20 years. We have always found the staff very knowledgeable and helpful and our animals have always had wonderful care. Thank you!

Elissa Moon

I have rung the vet clinic on numerous occasions asking for advice about my pet (fleas, moving house, home visit, what do when he ran away today!!) Every single person I have spoken to has always responded in a kind, professional, understanding and knowledgeable manner. The depth of knowledge and patience when responding to questions and general caring disposition of staff is incredible. Very happy with all services I have ever used for my cat. Thank you!!

Sharon Wetzig

Great staff - long time client.

Jayson Wockner-Pace

Extremely professional service, very kind & empathetic, I would highly recommend Bulimba Vet surgery.

Deirdra Sutton

I love the service I get when I bring my dogs in. Everyone is so friendly and patient. You guys rock.

Jackie Reed

Very well priced and the vets are very good at what they do.

Katarina Kyle

I have always been very happy with the friendliness and professionalism of all staff at the clinic. It is particularly relevant for us as our dog has major anxiety issues and it feels good to know that no matter how concerned I am about how to get treatment for Patra, the staff always know what to do and exhibit a high degree of patience.

Liane Pearce

The staff here are wonderful! We always receive excellent service and love the text reminders for vaccinations and worming etc. We also love that it is open on a Sunday morning - our dog became unwell over the weekend and we rang and were able to get an appointment for him immediately! We are extremely happy with the care provided.

Hayley Bell

We have been long standing clients of Bulimba Vet Surgery (almost 15yrs), we have always had super friendly and professional treatment from the staff especially when times with our pets haven't been so easy, thank you all.

Anthony Sorenson

I'm very happy with the groomers, they are very friendly, professional and always do a great job on my little dog. It's very easy to make an appointment and there isn't a waiting time when I drop off her off. I was so happy with them I recommended my mum bring her dog as well. So now the groomers look after all the dogs in our family! The vet nurses are also very nice when I go upstairs to pay. They are very friendly and it's nice how when I give my name, they recognize me as the sister of another client and always ask how her dogs are. It shows they care about their clients and we are not just names in the computer.

Bianca Enders

Leo, our big overgrown toddler Golden Retriever, loves coming to see you all. In fact, when I take him for walks I can't walk past your door with him (no offense!) as he will sit and refuse to move as he wants to come in and say hello! He gets very excited when our car pulls up in front of the vets. So I have no complaints :) The veterinary surgeons that have seen Leo over the last couple of years have always been very professional, friendly and generally seem to love their patients.

Scott Cullen

Very friendly and professional. Thanks for looking after our dear Lola.

Tony Humphrey

Just keep it up. What you do currently is to provide a professional service with excellent staff. Personally, I don't require any more. I moved from the Bulimba area three years ago, and there are vets near where I currently live, but I come back to you because of my past and current experiences. Thank you.

Gordon Sexty

Can’t recommend this practice enough... I am very cautious with who I take my pups to because they are my everything, I did my research and this surgery is amazing. My Koko pup had to have almost all of his teeth removed, I was so worried being he is 11 and had to go under anaesthetic... Dr Heidi & her team were the best, kept me informed and I can’t believe how fast his recovery is, I wouldn’t take my 2 boys (pups) anywhere else now... This practice is highly recommended

Sharon Kavvadas

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